Family Counselling

A family’s patterns of behaviour and interaction with each other influences each member of the family and therefore the family as a whole.

Helping Families to Get Along Better

In Family Counselling, the actual client is not only the individual, it is also the family relationships in which the person is embedded. Therefore, to help an individual, sometimes the family may need to be included in the counselling services that we provide.

OUR Process

OUR COLLABORATIVE and resilience promoting approach identifies and builds on each person’s strengths as well as their family’s capabilities and strengths.

OUR AIM is to help families to manage persistent issues and stresses therefore recover from life crises, with the outcome to improve family relationships.

OUR GOAL is to enhance the well-being and functioning of the families, couples and individuals with who we assist.

OUR COUNSELLORS, Psychologists and Social Workers are dedicated to serving a broad diversity of individuals, couples and families with respect to their unique challenges in life, and belief in their potential for change and growth.

OUR EXPERTISE in Family Therapy, systems-orientated therapy, counselling and mediation stems from specialized training and experience.

We provide a comprehensive counselling service including: brief therapy, problem-solving approaches, family mediation, intensive consultations, family therapy, as well as long-term counselling to resolve a wide range of relational problems for individuals, couples and families.

We help families in the following areas:

1. Learning communication skills;

2. Improving problem-solving and conflict resolution skills;

3. Repairing troubled or strained family relationships;

4. Manage challenging life transitions;

5. Address the long-term impact of drug and alcohol issues;

6. To understand and value differences between partners;

7. Address feelings of connection, affection and intimacy;

8. Getting back onto the ‘same-page’ in life;